Mom's At It Again

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Retro Weekend #1

So, I've decided that because I have an asscart full of video's on my computer I may as well share some of them with people who might care...or don't whatever. Either way, it makes me feel like I'm doing something with them. I let the hubs pick the video for this weekend and he picked this movie trailer:

Go Joe.

Was there any other girl out there who totally felt ripped off by the cool boy toys as opposed to the stupid ass girl shit that was out there. Who wants to drive Barbie around in a convertable, when you can shoot the enemy or drop a mase on some bad guy while playing with He-Man toys.

Maybe that was just me.

Mike Reno & Ann Wilson - Almost Paradise

Friday, March 23, 2007

Things You'll Never Hear Me Say

1. "Please pass the ketchup."
2. "Hello? Macintosh technical support?"
3. "Absolutely, I'd love a root canal! But only if a pap smear is unavailable!"
4. "WOO HOO! Enya tickets are on sale!"
5. "I'd like the big bag of pork rinds, please."
6. "Eh, who wants to look like Angelina Jolie, anyway?."
7. "YAY! The Speed Channel!"
8. "I sure hope Jeb Bush decides to run in 2008!"
9. "Britney Spears is just a misunderstood artist."
10. "Andrew Dice Clay is SOOO funny!"
11. " I do love me some rabbit."
12. "A Threesome? This IS a Happy Birthday!"
13. "Yup. Their Fake."
14. "Checkmate."
15. "Does this make my ass look big?"

Well that was fun....Back to work

Cliff Richard - Devil Woman

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Coma Girl

I am so bored. I have just been staring at this computer screen zoning out for the last 45 minutes. I would think myself in a semi comotosed state if it weren't for the fact that I can still type 80 words a minute and eat Skittles like my life depended on it. I'm thinking if I were actually comatosed, I wouldn't be able to perform such duties....


Perhaps I should step away from the monitor for a bit. Providing I haven't starting sprouting roots.

You know you're officially bored when you get excited at the prospect of doing dishes.

Oh! I know, I'll post that A-Ha video people wanted to see...

Who was that lead singer dude, he was kind of hot in a weird geeky Norweigian Wood kind of way.

Led Zepplin - Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You

Monday, March 19, 2007

Today is March 19th?

Holy crapola...March is almost over...lets put things in neat nifty listy format, mmmk?

  1. Car stolen
  2. Migraine for 13 out of the last 19 days. Yes, seriously. That would explain the lack of posting, and my $2000 in medical bills I've racked up with all the shitty tests performed on me by the hospital.
  3. My internet decides to disappear for four days.
  4. I almost cut my finger off.
  5. really, HIGHLY medicated due to migraines.
  6. Discussions of possibly moving to a new STATE. Holy shit.
  7. My dog has fleas.
I seriously can not believe this is the 19th of March. The last month is a blur. GAH. I have so much to catch up on. I would pay someone to take half of my to-do list. I think it has a pulse.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I Think I Hate Her Now

I was just taking the trash out and saw one of my neighbors riding her bike....pulling her teeny tiny little Chihuahua behind her. The poor little doggy had his tongue waggin and was huffing and puffing like R. Kelly at a girl scout camp. What the hell was she doing? Did she not notice that her dog's poor little legs were like two inches long, and while she coasts her tub of lard ass along on her very over-worked bike...her little chihuahua was having a stroke.

I should have run out there and called her on it. I'm regretting it now...but I don't like to make waves in here, and if I "accidentally" threw garbage at her she'd probably go running to the office to squeel. I'm already at odds with Mr. Office Manager, and he scares me a little...he's a four ton Samoan who owns two pitbulls. I feel I've made the right decision here. I don't want to find myself cornered by dogs that could eat my face, or find myself thrown off a balcony like Tony Rocky Horror.

Someone should drag her ass along on a leash, and make her run a couple miles. Hell, it would probably be alot more effective than that bike, which is obviously not doing it's job. I'm just sayin'.

Ok, I've got all my work done for now, so I'm going to go sit and watch really bad daytime tv for half an hour before I pick up the child from school. You want my life, admit it.

Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe

Sunday, March 4, 2007

What do you get when you play a country song backwards?

I just went into the kitchen to get started on my daily load of dishes, and I made the mistake of doing it first thing, like before coffee, first anyway, I went to turn on the radio, like I do, and my daughter had left it on the country station.


There was some shitty sappy song on there about some dude feeling sorry for this little girl because her parents never took her to church and now she doesn't know where her mommy is or some shit like that. That's why I hate country music. The majority of it is all sad, and depressing and makes me wanna slit my wrists. Much like Jewell. Or REM. Especially first thing in the morning...I need something to kickstart my day, not make me have a Kathie Lee breakdown. Geeeeezus.

The child is so grounded from my radio.

The title is a really bad joke...ready? Ok, what do you get when you play a country song backwards? You get your wife back and your truck back and your dog back.....

What did you expect? I told you it was bad.

Karyn White - Secret Rendevous

My Technical Medical-y Shit Post

I spent all of last night in the hospital. Don't you envy me. I hve these things called Hemiplegic Migraine's...which bascially means I see spots and have blurry vision for a day or two leading up to paralysis on the right side of my body. Scary as shit. When I got my first one, it was in December and they thought I was having a stroke. Ambulance came took me away, hospital ran every brain test you can think of (MRI, CAT, that dye test to make sure there are no clots) anyway, they're briliant conclusion was these migraines. Ugh.

I'm ALWAYS had migraines, I've always taken Imitrex for them, and then that med wasn't working anymore. Fine I figured I would just going to have to deal with them as they came. HAH!

Now, because of the paralysizing migraines, they can't prescribe me ANY of the normal migraine meds because of the stroke effects that come along with them. So my only option is when I get one, I've gotta go to the hospital and get a shot of Dilaudid...which is basically a synthetic Herion and Morphine combo. Oh yes, people. I get the shot of Heroin once a month...and legally. Which I find terrifying...Huuuullloooo it's herion. So the doc last night was going to admit me and do a bunch of tests last night, and I told him I couldn't because I have two installs to do today. Yeah, my life or my work...My priorities have always been a bit messed up.

So anyway, I sit here now in excruciating migraine pain, seeing double, and scared to shit to take the pills he gave me because again....


I've never had these things before (the migraines yes....these paralyzing shit, no) and if for all eternity I have to go to the hospital once a month for a my daily dose of Herion...I see an Anna Nicole in my futue...not the death part but the "If this man ever records myyyyyyyyyyyyy record" MTV awards Anna. At least they didn't give me methadone.

The seeing double should really help with thos installs today.

My head hurts. I'm getting away from this box....that and it's not even 6 AM and I'm blogging...I must be sick.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

You Know Who Scares Me?

People with full body tattoos...the sleeves and face/head all over "I wanna be a lizard boy" tattoo's. Why? Why would you do that to yourself? I just saw a guy with every part of himself, that I could see tattoo'd, and I think I peed a little. I understand tat's, I have one...hell, I want another one. But the all over body tat's? I will never understand that one. What happens if and when you get out of your "I wanna piss people off" stage, and decide you wanna become...say...a stockbroker, or lawyer, or anything not dealing with a ferris wheel. Then what do you do? It's not like you can just go around with a bag over your head and a nun's habit on...well I spose you could, but that would make you a different flavor of freak.

Not that I think those people are freaks...they are just...freakish. You know what I'm sayin. My tat is on my ankle, I can hide it, and nobody even knows I have one, unless I tell them, or I show them. It's my choice, and if I ever became like, President, nobody would hold that against me. When I'm old and in the nursing home, no little old ladies will point and laugh at me for being the Tattoo'd Old Bat in room 297. They'll have other things to point and laugh at me for.

Also, the titanium implants thingies...what the fuck?

And now that I'm looking around the Wiki....ummmm seriously, how crackish do ya gotta be (totally not safe for work and or kids)?

Ok, no more Wiki searching, I have to go back to work now...

Joe Satriani - One Big Rush