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Monday, April 28, 2008

Most Effed Up Band Names: The Alan Parsons Project

We haven't done one of these in awhile...I got nuttin better to write about so you get Alan Parsons. Deal? Deal.

I don't have any goddamn clue why a guy would choose to name his band The Alan Parsons Project. Maybe he was in cahoots with all the other "project personnel" and really wanted to make this whole "music" thing "pop". Who cares. It's a stupid name.

Tons of bands have named themselves after a member of the band. Dave Matthews. Ben Folds. Tony Orlando & Dawn. Ok, that one is stretching it a bit...but really, where would Dawn be without Tony? You see my point. It's an ego kind of have to have an ego the size of Della Reese's ass to be in a band anyway, so it all goes hand in hand. But it's almost a slackass thing to do. Hmmmm, what should we call ourselves? Ok, everyone put their name in a hat...we'll draw straws, the guy with the biggest wank wins! Alan, that's you, big guy! But why the "project" part. It sounds like something you'd do in AP chemistry class in high school. All the band geeks would stand around the little bunson burners ooooohing and aaaaaahing while Professor McDildo built an Alan Parsons from bleach and hair gel.

They should have called themselves the "We're Never Getting Laid With This Name Project"

And Eye In The Sky?....that song is the musical equivalent of a cactus enema.

That will be all.


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