Mom's At It Again

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Deja Vu All Over Again

I have a confession to make...ready?

I love the new Ashley Simpson song. I do. I could put it on repeat all day long, and not get tired of least not for a couple days. That being said. I swear to cheese, that is not her voice. Maybe that's why I like it so much. I was sitting here trying to think of who or where I knew the sound of the voice from. Missing Persons anyone? Take a listen and you tell me...It's produced by Timbaland, and I know the guy can work magic, but what he did with Ashley is nothing short of a miracle.

Missing Persons:

Ashley "It Was The Bands Fault" Simpson:

And speaking of Deja Snoop (yes, he's mine) has a most awesome new song out. Sensual Seduction. This so could have been on the Off The Wall album...or maybe just the video. But he's using a Talk Box and that makes him innovative, in a retro, let's breakdance and pretend to be Peter Frampton kind of way...oh, AND yummy.

Shut up.

My Snoop:

Ay ya ya ya ya you're talkin way too much...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Things I've Done Today

In nice neat bullet-y list format:

  • Installed a new design for one of my most awesome clients.
  • Answered fourty gabillion emails.
  • Remembered that the oldest child has a band concert tonight.
  • Then remembered that her skirt and shirt for the band concert is dirty.
  • Washed band concert clothes. Crises averted.
  • Got hungry, and decided to warm up some leftovers in the micro.
  • Used the wrong type of plate.
  • Went to pick up the plate and it was the same temperature as that glowing orb thingie in the sky.
  • Made up a couple new cuss words.
  • Have spent the last hour and a half nursing the burn blister that ate Baltimore on my thumb, first and second finger of my right hand.
  • Went to take the last three Advil in the bottle to stop the burn pain...and dropped all three of them down the sink.
  • Typing. Hurts. Ow.
You see how my day's go downhill like that?

My parents always said I need a keeper. They may have been on to something.

I'm going to go wrap my ass in Charmin and prepare to go out in public.

Don't say you haven't been warned.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Dr. G Makes Me Paranoid

Anyone who knows even a little bit about me knows that I am obsessed with Crime. Serial Killers. Ann Rule books. Cold case files. Court TV. I eat that shit up. I am a self proclaimed Mansonite. I know an unhealthy amount of info regarding those cases, the family, the victims, blah blah blah. I also am obsessed with all of the court/crime type shows. I used to watch Court TV almost exclusively. Now that we are in Idaho, we don't get Court TV with our cable company, but thankfully Biography and A&E channel has heard my whining and has started showing crime shows almost exclusively. Thank you.

Now I have a new obsession. Dr. G. I don't even remember what channel her show comes on at the moment, but I have her set into my Tivo, so now I get to actually watch the show. She has a way about her, that makes me paranoid. Take for instance the show I watched this morning (because nothing says Good Morning like Diet Coke and Autopsy). This case she was doing was about this guy who dies mysteriously in his car. She does the autopsy and determines that he had an embolism in his spleen or some shit like that and was only 30 years old. Then she proceeds to say things like...Who knows, you could have an embolism waiting to EXPLODE and KILL YOU! Commercial break.

Thanks so much Dr. G. I needed that. As if I wasn't a big enough hypochondriac, now I've got you reminding me that I could have silent problems brewing in my spleen that could make me drop stiff at any moment. Good to know. I'll make sure and say all my goodbyes now, just in case a blood clot should do me in this afternoon, while I'm doing a load of dishes. That is really a frightening thought though. Think about it. You do all you can to take care of try to keep a positive frame of mind about life in general, you get check-up's with the doc, and you eat all your vegetables. Then one day you're going about your biz, humming the latest tune from the Old Navy commercial, and you keel over. I don't want to go that way. I want to have time to plan, and celebrate things. I want to go to Germany, and eat at one of those really fancy schmancy resteraunts where you get a lima bean and parsley and pay a weeks salary for it. And you like it. I want to go in a big spectacular way...after I've done a lot of really big spectacular things in life. I don't want to go because my arteries decide to close up on me. At 30.

This was an uplifting post.

And a Good morning to you!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I forgot I have a blog.

I'll post tomorrow...I promise.

I think.

Ugh, I'm busy.