Mom's At It Again

Monday, May 31, 2004

This is some fucked-up repugnant shit!

My house reeks! I don't mean just smells a little funky like gym shoes or anything...I mean it smells like the inside of an anchovie's cunt. And why you may be asking yourself does my house smell like an anchovie's cunt?? Well I'll tell you...because my retarded significant other decided to eat Sardines in tomato sauce. OH. MY. GOD! I may spew red, white, and honor of the holiday and all...But good god damn, my house smells like the place whales go to die....GAGAGAGAGAGAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! One has to fart in here to make it liveable...and the cat has tried!! I'm going outside to attempt to get this stench outta my head holes...UGH!

Listening To: My stomach revolting.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

In the ass goes down.

I feel like baked Ass-Soufle today. I take this medication for my depression/anxiety. It's no big deal amongst us crazies, we take a medication and we supposedely no longer have the inclination to rip out the trachea's of passerby. This medication works fairly well (Effexor) it is however uber-strong...and they way the dose it is like this, at least in my case: Half a pill for one pill for one week, then you up it to two pills for the remainder of time your on it. I just upped it to two again...I stopped taking it for a long time and now I remember why. I'm fucking sicker than Monica L on Presidents Day. My stomach feels like it's doing the pachanga, I'm dizzy as all hell, and I think there are ten overweight elephants playing soccer with my eyeballs. I've got the heat turned up so high in here, if you threw rocks on my kitchen countertops it would sizzle and I'd have all the yuppy neighbors over here in bathtowels soaking up the steam.

Fucking Yuppies....Happy Saturday

Listening to: Winger - She's Only 17 (Shaddup)

Friday, May 28, 2004

So you decided to be a bum?

Yes, indeedy I did decide to be a bum...I haven't blogged in months and months, mostly cuz I was having some mental issues that I needed to sort through and handle, but partly just cuz I didn't feel like I had anything to say or contribute. Then I remembered what this Blog was here's an outlet for ME. For me to talk about what a jenga game of crap my day has been, or problems I'm having with my kiddo's....or to talk about that time I was abducted by space penguins and had to be their Martha Stewart for five months...but now I'm just getting off topic.
Anyway, I finally decided a couple of weeks ago to come back to Blogging and really give it a go this time. I signed onto, tried to get into my account and I wrote to the fine people in tech support and they resent my an email account I had six months ago and have since closed down...wait another week for them to resend it and change my info to include my new email address, and here I am. Thanks a million Graham The Blogger Tech Support Helper Dude!!
I'm hoping to get to know more of you out there in the internet universe...and I look forward to doing this thing finally!

Listening To: 3 Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You