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Thursday, March 1, 2007

You Know Who Scares Me?

People with full body tattoos...the sleeves and face/head all over "I wanna be a lizard boy" tattoo's. Why? Why would you do that to yourself? I just saw a guy with every part of himself, that I could see tattoo'd, and I think I peed a little. I understand tat's, I have one...hell, I want another one. But the all over body tat's? I will never understand that one. What happens if and when you get out of your "I wanna piss people off" stage, and decide you wanna become...say...a stockbroker, or lawyer, or anything not dealing with a ferris wheel. Then what do you do? It's not like you can just go around with a bag over your head and a nun's habit on...well I spose you could, but that would make you a different flavor of freak.

Not that I think those people are freaks...they are just...freakish. You know what I'm sayin. My tat is on my ankle, I can hide it, and nobody even knows I have one, unless I tell them, or I show them. It's my choice, and if I ever became like, President, nobody would hold that against me. When I'm old and in the nursing home, no little old ladies will point and laugh at me for being the Tattoo'd Old Bat in room 297. They'll have other things to point and laugh at me for.

Also, the titanium implants thingies...what the fuck?

And now that I'm looking around the Wiki....ummmm seriously, how crackish do ya gotta be (totally not safe for work and or kids)?

Ok, no more Wiki searching, I have to go back to work now...

Joe Satriani - One Big Rush


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