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Monday, February 5, 2007

Warping Their Fragile Little Minds

My youngest daughter (9) is a HUGE Taylor Hicks fan. Her side of the bedroom looks like a mini shrine. I took my girls to see the Idols on tour from last season a few months ago, and she cried when Taylor came on. It was the sweetest thing. Taylor's CD has been on constant rotation in this joint, and I've gotta be honest...with the exception of a couple songs, it's not the greatest. No wait, let me rephrase, I'm guessing I probably could have ate a blank CD and puked a better piece of music. I'm just sayin...All that aside, I fear I have warped the child for life.

Ya see, the child loves the song Taking It To The Streets...Taylors version. And while I think he did a pretty good version of it. He's no Doobie.

Just now, I was listening to the original version and the child asked me who it was singing Taylors song. I told her it wasn't Taylor's song originally, that it was the Doobie Brothers. To which she said...

"Taylor could eat the Poopie Brothers lunch for them"

In hindsite, I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't have been watching Wallstreet while the girls were awake?

That's all I need a Mini Gordon Gekko with bad taste in music.


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