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Friday, February 23, 2007

To Spite My Face

Quick finger update: Spent four hours at the docs today getting my finger rechecked and rewrapped and crying because they kept sticking sharp pointy things in it to "clean" it out. Doc says it's looking good and healing fine...this was of course after he told me that my injury would be perfect for Halloween, and that it would work great at scaring the children. I love my doctor. Really. I'd post an updated picture...but dude. It's just gross.

Now on to what I was actually going to post about....

I was playing with my girls and their Play-doh for the last hourish before their bedtime, which was at 9 tonight...We made little Doh people and little Doh pizza's and I even made a little Doh stud guy that looked like he belonged on a little Doh smut novel, that I had to quickly destroy when I saw my girls come back in the hem...


Ummmmm...I think I seriously may need to hurl. I can't get the smell out of my clothes, hands, nose, mouth, any of my orafices. I think it's permeated my skin and I'll need to take a crack head shower to get all the Play-doh bugs off me. I cant get it out.

I've attempted all the soaps in the house, the sponges, dish brushes, washcloths and even some bleach...nothing is getting it out.

What the hell is this smell? I can't think of any chemicals, that when formulated just so, would make this god awful stench. I don't remember the Doh smelling like this when I was a kid. What the in the name of heysoos do they make this crap out of now? Horse shit and formaldehyde?


Help. Me.

Gin Blossoms - Follow You Down


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