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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It's Ok....It's Low Carb

First I want to thank everybody again for all the kind get well thoughts and emails I do appreciate it. I'm feeling a little better, my finger still hurts like hell, but that's to be expected since I sliced it in half. Also, because I'm just that desperate, and because Eric gave me the idea, I've added a donate button over there on my sidebar...If you feel like you want to help a girl out, and get her to the Police, press the little button. Anyone who does donate, even if it's a buck (because a buck is a buck), will be entered into a constest for a freebie design by me.

Now on to my actual post...I keep seeing these fast food commercials and hearing them on the radio for these healthy options at these places. I love how people justify eating gallons of shit. All these fast food companies that market shit food to health conscious people by saying it's low-carb...McDonalds has a low carb menu, so does Wendy's and KFC. KFC. I have a particular bone to pick with these people that think this food is healthy...c'mon, anything with a "special skin" can't be healthy for you....just look at their founder guy. Col. Sanders...the dude has a beer belly hanging over his size 48 pants.

Anyway, getting back on can't say that suddenly this fried piece of trans-fat crap that you've been eating since you were a kid is now good for you because it only has 12 grams of carbs and 45 grams of protein. It's complete bullshit. Fast food is fast's fast for a reason. If you want healthy, swing into the store and buy some salad instead of flipping through the drive thru for a Big-Mac.

And yes, Subway is fastfood...and No, I don't buy the Jarod story. You know how he lost all that weight? His family owned a Subway store, and he lived out in the boonie's and decided to walk like eleventy million miles round trip to work at his parents Subway everyday. He didn't loose a dumptruck worth of weight by eating Subway food. He lost it by getting off his sedentary ass and excersising. I know if I lived off of fast food (Subway or anything else) 24/7 you'd need to grease up the door frames to squeeze me through. I'm not quite sure who the nimrod was who came up with this brilliant idea...this "healthy" fast food craze, but I'm sure it'll come back to bite them squarely in the ass when people are suing them over 200 pound weight gains and not over how hot their coffee is.

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