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Sunday, March 4, 2007

My Technical Medical-y Shit Post

I spent all of last night in the hospital. Don't you envy me. I hve these things called Hemiplegic Migraine's...which bascially means I see spots and have blurry vision for a day or two leading up to paralysis on the right side of my body. Scary as shit. When I got my first one, it was in December and they thought I was having a stroke. Ambulance came took me away, hospital ran every brain test you can think of (MRI, CAT, that dye test to make sure there are no clots) anyway, they're briliant conclusion was these migraines. Ugh.

I'm ALWAYS had migraines, I've always taken Imitrex for them, and then that med wasn't working anymore. Fine I figured I would just going to have to deal with them as they came. HAH!

Now, because of the paralysizing migraines, they can't prescribe me ANY of the normal migraine meds because of the stroke effects that come along with them. So my only option is when I get one, I've gotta go to the hospital and get a shot of Dilaudid...which is basically a synthetic Herion and Morphine combo. Oh yes, people. I get the shot of Heroin once a month...and legally. Which I find terrifying...Huuuullloooo it's herion. So the doc last night was going to admit me and do a bunch of tests last night, and I told him I couldn't because I have two installs to do today. Yeah, my life or my work...My priorities have always been a bit messed up.

So anyway, I sit here now in excruciating migraine pain, seeing double, and scared to shit to take the pills he gave me because again....


I've never had these things before (the migraines yes....these paralyzing shit, no) and if for all eternity I have to go to the hospital once a month for a my daily dose of Herion...I see an Anna Nicole in my futue...not the death part but the "If this man ever records myyyyyyyyyyyyy record" MTV awards Anna. At least they didn't give me methadone.

The seeing double should really help with thos installs today.

My head hurts. I'm getting away from this box....that and it's not even 6 AM and I'm blogging...I must be sick.


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