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Friday, September 21, 2007

Trivia Thursday 3 Winners

We have a winner this week...woo! The question from yesterday was:

What is the most requested radio song of all time?

The answer was Every Breath You Take by The Police...Blonde Blogger got the right answer except she said it was by Sting...which I am willing to overlook, cuz I realize not everybody is the rabid Sting fan that I am. Even though those people make me sad, and a part of me dies whenever anyone confuses the Police with Sting. I can look past that, and just see that Blonde Blogger is the trivia goddess for the week.

And speaking of The Blonde One...she just won a killer purse and shows pictures over on her blog. I want it. Someone go swipe it for me while she's not looking.

No I jest...stealing is wrong.


What's a bitch gotta do to get her hands on a free striped watermelon doohickey purse?!

Eric Clapton - I've Got A Rock N' Roll Heart


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