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Monday, August 27, 2007

Loa'a Poop?

So, this morning after dropping Liz off at her middle school, Kennedy and I are waiting in line at the stop sign. It's a long line, so we're usually sitting there for at least 5 minutes. I usually spend these few minutes catching up with the child, finding out what she dreamed about the night before, what she's looking forward to in school that day, checking in on what happened on the latest Suite Life...general catching up. I cherish this time with the kid, it's some of the rare minutes during the day when it's just me and her with no distractions. That is the normal morning. That wasn't this morning. This morning went something like this:

Kennedy: Mooooooom look that sign wants to know if we have poop!
Me: The hell?
Me: Dude, what are you talking about? Poop? Who wants to know if we have to poop?
Kennedy: No, not if we have TO poop, if we HAVE poop.
Me: Sure, I see the distinction. Now, what the holyhell are you talking about?
Kennedy: That sign! It's talking about poop

I spend the next minute looking around frantically to get a glimpse of the poop sign before it's our turn to go through the stop sign.

Me: I don't see any poop sign, Kennedy.
Kennedy: No look, on that's says "Got Poooooey"!

I notice the van in front of us with license plates from Hawaii. The bumper sticker said "Got Poi?"

Me: (holding back my laughter) Kennedy that's a food in Hawaii. Poi.
Kennedy: The people in Hawaii eat poop?

And so it goes...

Like I said, I cherish these moments.

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