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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Double Duty

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned before that I hold down two jobs. I am a freelance designer...most of you know that. However not many of you know that I moonlight as a Self Employed Slacker. I do. And I'm the best in the field. Nobody knows this business like I do. Seriously. I've won medals in this shit. They were going to do a reality show based on this career, but A&E quickly realized that drinking Diet Coke and playing around on Pogo don't make for very captivating television. Psssssht. What the hell do they know anyway? They cancelled Dog The Bounty Hunter (my feelings on that issue is a totally different post).

For the past 48 hours (since New Years Eve) I've completed a grand total of 22 1/2 hours of slacking while drinking ONLY coffee and Diet Coke. Not everybody can achieve this level of slack. It takes YEARS of practice and skill. I'm a dedicated employee. Just look at all I've accomplished:


I think I deserve a nap.

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