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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner

Why is it that I still cry over a movie I've seen like 10,000 times? How does that work? I sit here, and I know what parts are coming up, and I can feel the tears welling up in my eyes, and I'm saying the lines along in my head, and then the part comes, and I ball like a baby. Like I need tissue, sobbing, balling, crying. So irritating.

I was just watching Dirty Dancing, and only partially at that seeing as I'm trying to got to the part where Johnny walks into the end of year celebration at Kellermans, and he walks up to her dad and say's THE line...Nobody puts Baby in a corner. I had to turn it off. Know why? Cuz I'm out of Kleenex, and I aint about to be caught with snot all over my sleeves, and big red pothead eyes.

Stupid hormones. No really, this is my FAVORITE week of the whole wide month.


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