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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween?! Already?!

Hi. My name is Mia and I am a bad blogger.

Hi Mia.

Ugh, what the hell dude, I think I've posted maybe six days this whole month, and the majority of those were crappy filler posts. I've been beyond busy this month with work, and kids stuff, and the man, and getting over the bladder infection that ate Baltimore.

Things of note for the month of October:

Kennedy started basketball...I'll be busy now through December.

Lizzy now hates band and is dreading her concert tonight because she...wait for it...has to put on a skirt.

I've taken enough antibiotics this month to kill a small Trojan horse. Bactrim, Macrobid, some medicine that starts with a P, that made my pee turn pretty colors. Pain was involved here people...the doctor used the word "raging" in my diagnosis. Aren't you glad I share?

Got called an asshole a few different times. I think it's the word of the month.

Went back to Portland for a visit, missed Portland terribly, and was sad for a week.

Developed an addiction for these:

and have proceeded to eat an entire box in two days.

Forgot to pay my house insurance...heh.

Decided on a ninja for Kennedy's Halloween will come.

Ate three bags of candy already.

Gained 5 pounds....all in my ass.

Bought the new Xmas smells at Bath & Body...dude. The Winter Candy Apple. Seriously. I could lick myself. That sounded so wrong.

Started transferring all my old, old posts from Zed's Dead over here...yeesh, what a mess I was.

Wrote this post.

You see the excitement I'm faced with here people...Don't say I never gave you anything.

I better gear up for Thursday. I'm involved in that Nano blog post thing for the month of November. One post every day for the whole month. This could become the most boring blog on the face of the earth next month.


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At October 30, 2007 at 10:16 PM , Blogger Mr. Crazy said...

Hope you are getting well. Candy and anti-biotics don't mix too good.


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