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Saturday, January 13, 2007

What The F*ck Weekend #1

Ok, here ya go...answer me this, what is she laughing at? And this is potentially not safe for children or work related stuff...

Is it:

A: She just heard a really funny joke involving monkeys and beer.
B: She was just informed of her parents stint in Sing Sing.
C: She just had an encounter with the Tightest Jeans On The Earth.

Keep Goin....

The answer is C....

What the fuck is he thinking? It looks like he shoved his pants full of dynamite...and not in the cool Jimmy Walker DY-NO-MIIIIIIIIIIITE kind of way. Someone should take him out of his misery...that can't be comfortable. On the bright side, if he wears jeans this tight on a regular basis, he won't have the opportunity to reproduce. Which really saves us all in the end.

Now that I look at it a little closer, it looks like he's holding a Corona in his hand. Perhaps he got dressed in a drunk stupor and put on clothes that he was saving for after the sex change? Maybe he's suffering as much as we are? Maybe he realizes that he doesn't have the Brad Pitt looks, so he needs to advertise his other "attributes"? What's in the bag? His pride?

I must get answers.

Commodores - Brick House


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