Mom's At It Again

Monday, January 8, 2007

Right, and you are *Who* again?

Hey! Guess what I just did? Hah. You're gonna laugh...really. Ok, so I take some medication, that has some side effects. I know! Get out, right?! Me on meds. Yeah, so anyway, one of them has a tendency to make me a bit spacey. Usually I take it at night, so I get all loopy in my sleep and not when I'm like, taking care of my kids, or cooking, or gutting fish or something. So anyway, I decided to take them now, because they make me very sleepy, and I have plans for tonight...doing...things. Things that involve chocolate syrup and lots of whip cream. None of your business.


Anyway, so I had to make a phone call to my friend. And her live in/manfriend/boy toy/fuckstick answered the phone. Totally uneventfull up until this point, right? Right...So, when he answered I said..."Hellooooo is uhhhhh, ummmmm...errrrrr?" and hung up. I could not, for the life of me remember her name. I have known her for years. It's Beth by the way, I know that....of course. Heh. But at the time, I had nothin. Mind totally a blank. Now, I've gotta call her back and explain to her throbbing man love that the reason I hung up on him was because I couldn't remember one of my closest friends names.

Nice one, Mia.

And for the sicko's out there, I'm planning on eating lots of ice cream and cuddling up with House MD. Yeesh.

Dino - Romeo


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