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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Peeve Me Hard

Guess what I hate? I mean besides, Rachel Ray, Enya, birds, moths and anyone named Todd? Guess...I'll wait.

Ok, I'll tell ya, I hate it when I walk into my kitchen and I see that a certain person (we'll call him my husband just for shits and giggles) did this:

Why people? If you have the energy to open the damn door...close the piece of monkey shit again! If you just simply can not bring yourself to close it once you've retreived your glass/plate/cookies/dildo, whatever it may be...than please, for the love of all that is good and right in my universe, call me over. Just give a little whistle, like the seven dwarfs....I'll come runnin'. I'll close that bitch right up for ya.

Then I'll promptly kick you squarely in the ass for making me put my 90210 dvd's on pause, just when Dylan and Brenda are about to do the horizontal hokey pokey for the first time, to close A MOTHERFUCKING CABINET FOR YOU!


EMF - Unbelievable


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