Mom's At It Again

Friday, July 2, 2004

Midol Mania

I'm OD'ing on Midol at the moment, and I think it's helping my mood. I don't feel like shoving my foot up anyone's ass anymore, and I think my BP is back with in living limits. I seriously hate this time of the month. Not cuz of the whole bleeding constantly for a week, but because I'm already an unstable person. Not like postal unstable, but just in the way that I have a hard time with mood swings. And during that hell week, it's too the extreme. I really feel sorry for everyone around me.
I also just gave the new kitten her flea treatment, just in case. Good God Damn that shit smells like nuclear winter. There is this green cloud following her around. I also just noticed it said do not use on cats under 12 weeks, so hopefully she doesn't keel over. Heh.

Listening To: Bone Thugs - Crossroads


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