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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What comes after Sloth?

There's something that I totally don't understand. An excess of pride. Some people are so full of pride, that they choke on it. You know someone like this I'm sure. They can't EVER admit they made a mistake for fear that they might show a weakness, or just plain be wrong. They just can't say they are sorry...

Saying "I'm Sorry" seems like such a small thing to me. If I fuck up, I'll say I'm sorry...I may not like it, and it might sting like hell, but shit, if I'm wrong and I'm sorry, I'll tell you, and it means something if I do say it, because I don't let that one flow freely from my mouth, it's kind of like "I Love You". I don't go throwing around "I Love You"'s to just anyone and I wouldn't throw out hollow "I'm Sorry"s. I mean every one I've ever said to somebody.

What really eats at me is when somebody KNOWS goddamn well they are wrong and because of their pride, they can't or won't appologize for whatever they did. They'd much rather throw out excuses...."I'm not perfect", or "It wasn't my fault", or "Nobody said you should listen to me"...empty bullshit. Means nothing, but that the person spewing it is weak, and can't admit to being wrong.

If you do something wrong, and have to eat some crow because of it, grab a fork, bitch. Eat it, say what needs to be said so we can both move on. Don't throw excuses at me, and make me out to be some kind of idiot, because you did something wrong. You weren't violated so don't paint yourself the victim, sweetie.

Ok, I'm done...and I feel so much better getting that out, I think saying it in person may get me in a situation that would involve me punching someone in the neck...and I just had my nails done.

Glass Tiger - Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone


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