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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Harold & Kumar

I had the movie Harold & Kumar Go To Whitecastle on my Netflix list for forever and I finally decided I was in the mood for a stupid comedy, and I had already gone through my own collection (all the Kevin Smith flicks, The Scary Movie flicks...I was even desperate enough to sit through American Pie with the hubby, which I hate)...Needless to say, I was getting desperate for something that would make me laugh. I moved it up on my list...fine good, it'll at least make me laugh at how bad it is.

I watched it twice yesterday alone. Hands down the funniest movie I've seen in a loooooooong time. Since Clerks 2 came out. I'm usually not a fan of Stoner comedy, the last one of those I liked was The Stoned Age, and nobody has ever even heard of that movie. I hated Dude, Where's My Car....I hated Dazed & Confused...not really my cup o' tea.

The plot is basically this, Harold is this tightass investment banker, Kumar is this rebellious almost pre-med student...they both like to partake of the Wacky they light up, and see this commercial for White Castle, decide they must have it, and hillarity ensues...yadda yadda yadda. Pretty simple, right? Funny as hell.

Watch it twice. You'll thank me.

The cameo by Neil Patrick Harris...the Wilson Phillips Sing along....The dream sequence with the huge bag of Mary Jane...and from here on out I'm working "I Was Trippin Balls" into everyday conversation....oh my god people.

And now I see they are making the sequel...Harold and Kumar go to Amsterdam. Niiiiiice.

Thank you, come again.

Chevelle - Send The Pain Below


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