Mom's At It Again

Monday, June 7, 2004

I'm a race car and you got me in the red.

So tell me...when would you consider it a bad day???

Would it be at 7:45am when your awakened by telemarketers wanting to sell you life insurance for people OVER 65, when you happen to be a young, cute 25 year old??


Would it be at 9:00am when you get outta the house to FINALLY go grocery shopping to fill your house with the much needed food missing to make it a nice place to exsist...spend an hour shopping, put all your shit on the belt, get up to pay, swipe your debit card, and have it be denied?!?!?!?!?! This has ALWAYS been one of my biggest fears. I have money in there, that's not the issue. I called the bank and they said I was trying to use the debit as a credit card, but I know damn well how to use the little swipey machine, and I was doing it right, so whatever.


Would it be when you get out to your car, and start feeling a little queesy from your anti-psycho medicine, cuz you couldn't eat this morning cuz you had no damn food which was why you went to the store at 9 in the am, in the first damn place...and then throw up in the parking lot of Albertsons???


Would it be when you barely make it home cuz your feeling so sick, and step in the front door of you nice spiffy apartment, with no food, and step in a big ol pile of cat shit??

I'm just wondering.

Listening To: Ace - How Long


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