Mom's At It Again

Sunday, June 6, 2004

If you find my answers frightening, you should cease askin' scary questions

The people who know me are very aware of certain charecteristics of my personality. I'm a smartass, I have a big mouth and I don't mince words. They know this, I know this...shit, my cat friggin knows this. So when people I have known for a year plus, come to me with a problem and ask me for advice on said problem, and I give it to them straight out...why do they get all pissy with me and say that I'm being mean and procede to attempt and make my asshole bigger than it originally was. I like my asshole the size it is at the moment, and I do not need to be ripped a new one. Fuckers.
People that can't handle reality, and face the harsh truth when it is presented to them, make me ill. I know personally, I would rather have someone lay shit on the line, and not feed me the proverbial poo-poo platter. I can handle the truth (insert Jack Nicholson impersonation here), I don't need my stuff sugar coated, because if I ask for someone's opinion, that's exactly what I want. Their OPINION. I don't want them to tell me what they think I want to hear. So I don't understand when other people can't deal with my opinion. Don't mistake my honesty for bitchyness.
Sometimes I wish I had a big ol' piece of wood, so I could start hitting people with my Clue-By-Fourâ„¢.

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