Mom's At It Again

Saturday, June 19, 2004

He's My Homefry

Gruvewthme: i feel privledged to be able to speak dave
Gruvewthme: lol
ThugWhilin187: u should lol
Gruvewthme: oh I do
Gruvewthme: lol
ThugWhilin187: u even have a pic 2
ThugWhilin187: lol itook 2newpix of my babay 2 nite there great

Gruvewthme: YAY
Gruvewthme: lemme see
ThugWhilin187: cantitwuzntona didicamits onfilm
Gruvewthme: lol you tried to trip me up
ThugWhilin187: nah da space bar dont work right sum times
Gruvewthme: lol
Gruvewthme: ghetto comp
ThugWhilin187: lol

Fer Shizzle...

Listening To: Snoop Dog - Gin and Juice


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