Mom's At It Again

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Aside from this unfortunate business, everything's hunky-dory.

I just now pulled my arse outta bed. How is it that you go to bed moderately sick, and wake up feeling like someone ran over you with a freight train filled with snot. Holy hell, I feel like ca-ca. My throat is all scratchy and burny, and my nose is making a rather amusing whistling noise when I breathe cuz the opening for the air has been cut significantly smaller with all the mucosy goodness up in there. My stomach is doing the Funky Chicken, my head is four flavors of wonky, and my chest is tight...heh.
It seems like I always always always get a cold at the beginning of summer. It's kind of my heat alarm clock. I don't like the heat and I really don't handle it well. I spend most summers cranky and counting the days until mid-September. It's not even that it gets overly hot here in P-Town, I'm just a spoiled brat and when it gets above about 75, I turn into super-fantastic-whiney-girl. I don't like to sweat, unless I'm excersising or sexing. Same goes with smelling. I don't do either of those things well. The sweating and smelling...not exercising and sexing mind you. I can exercise like a mofo and we won't even go into my sexing abilities, cuz I've won trophies for that shit. Oh what the hell, I'm delerious now...I'm going back to bed.

Listening To: Nivea Ft/ Jagged Edge - Don't Mess With My Man


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