Mom's At It Again

Monday, November 3, 2003 breaks down like this...

I spose now is when I introduce myself and make my self sound all important and here goes nuttin, drumroll please...
I live in Portland...Oregon, and please for the love of all that is holy, let's pronounce it's Or-E-Gun, humor me, mmmmk? Pronouncing it any other way, ala George Dubbya, makes my ass itch, and makes you sound like a dimwitted moron.
I'm 25, just turned in August, and I'm still adjusting to the fact that I'm a quarter century. I actually feel like I'm about 74, my body cracks when I stand up, my back hurts constantly, and I'm a notorious clutz. I bitch about it constantly, but this is my blog, so shaddup.
I have an obsession with music...I've been called a Snob at times, and a Music Whore in the right company....I spend way to much time on the Comp, I'm sure at any minute, I'll lay down to take a nap, and wake up with a third arm growing out of my neck due to all the radiation leaking into my body, from this damn monitor. Wait, do monitors give off radiation? I dunno, but regardless, I'm sure it's melting my brain....but this damn idiot box is like crack to me....and if my modem ever breaks down like a pinto, regardless of where you are in the country, you'll know it's me by the bellowing "shitmuthafuckershitfuck" banshee cry coming from the west.
Let's see, what else is pertinant info at this time....Ohhhhh I have a grammar obsession. My friends call me Grammar Nazi, so if you email me or leave me comments, I'm all for reading them, but please use a damn spellchecker, and don't write to me in that "ToGgLe sPeAk" because should that happen, I will hunt you down and go Tonya Harding on your unschooled ass...okie dokie??
I hope you don't perceive me as this raging bitch, I'm actually a nice girl, I promise.....*insert snickering here*


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